Our unique sheepskin plaids are stitched together with a "piecing technique". They are being made out of leftover pieces from the production of skin jackets. These pieces are made out of Italian Toscana sheepskin and from Spanish sheepskin.

Furthermore, there are sheepskin plaids made out of long-haired Icelandic sheepskin.  We want all material to be put to use and that none go to waste. These pieces are being made into beautiful, unique plaids using a "piecing technique". These can be used as spreads to beds, sofas, or big armchairs. The Toscana plaids are soft and perfect to have over your shoulders a cold summer evening. 

The size of these plaids is approximately 160x60cm. 160cm is generally a good size for armchair, sofas, the bed, or as a carpet to have on the floor.