We are situated in Helsingborg where we have our warehouse, showroom, and our own production. Our goal is to showcase our products to a wider range of customers in Sweden.

Are you running a health store, or work in the health department trying to make other healthier and more prosperous?

Feel free to contact us for further discussion through our mail. Enter your company name, organization number, website, and describe which products you are interested in! We can offer wholesale prices on our wool slippers, slippers for children, wool vests, and other wool related products.

Are you selling handcrafted products or other unique products, or are you selling on markets in the upper part of the country?

Then there are probably products in our assortment which can be in your interest. For example, we have sheepskin gloves, sheepskin hats, sheepskin plaids, and more. These are being produced in small quantities and therefore we cannot guarantee that the same colours will reappear in our stock. All of our products are unique and of high quality.

Do you have any exciting ideas for new sheepskin or wool products? We have our own production and can thereby help you develop the product in cooperation with us. 

Contacts us at [email protected]!