Rocking sheep dressed in real sheepskin from our own production. Appreciated as a christening gift but can be used just as well for furnishing. 

The framework is manufactured and put together by carpenters, whereas the decorative part such as the sheepskin, coloring, and other details are put together and done by me. If you want a specially designed rocking sheep I am able to do that too upon such a request. You can choose between various sheepskin from our website which you will find under the category SHEEPSKIN. In my personal designs, I always choose sheepskin with the most fluff (not short haired) to add a maximum cushion.

If you live within the proximity of Helsingborg you are more than welcome to come and visit our shop in Spritfabriken, otherwise, you can reach out to us with suggestions by mail: [email protected] (white, grey, brown or black sheepskin, curly or with straight fur).

I can also paint the framework upon request for a cost of 250 kr. If you wish to have your child name burnt in the framework I am able to do it for an additional 100 kr. You decide where on the framework you want the name to be shown.

Helena Rydgren