About us



My name is Helena and I started my company in 2005 with opening my own shop with sheepskin and wool products in central Helsingborg. In 2016 I decided to close my physical shop in central Helsingborg and instead.open an e-shop to be able to sell products to all of Sweden. My products are unique and I design everything myself. I buy small quantities of sheepskin, mainly from Italy and Spain, which means that there is no mass production involved concerning my products which is beneficial from an environmental perspective. Each season has new products and I often keep myself updated regarding the latest trends on the market. Due to the fact that I have my own production and that there is no middleman involved, I am able to keep my prices at a reasonable level. Lately, my focus has been on rocking sheep which I manufacture myself. They are well appreciated, both as a furnishing detail and as a gift for children. I have multiple projects in progress, for example, manufacturing of hobby sheep and eco-products to children and adults, etc. 

During fall and winter, there is often new unique products so be on the lookout and keep yourself updated by taking a look in my e-shop now and then.

In 2018 I decided to yet again open up a physical shop, and this time it was located in Spritfabriken in Ödåkra. Spritfabriken has transformed into a successful center on Helsingborgs destination and shopping map. In our physical shop, you will also find Carina Albertsson and her brand "Bara trivsamt". Carina makes all of her products by herself., she uses Swedish sheepskin and Swedish wool which she "tangles" into different products. She sees incredible pillows and other creations out of exciting and unique materials.

You can often spot me in different markets around Skåne.

Helena Rydgren